by Jez Bond

Having digested last night’s post court meeting with Hardman Engineers, a relatively young company who seem to share our working ethos, I confirmed their appointment as our new structural engineers this lunchtime. I very much look forward to working with Paul Hardman and his colleagues and hope that the solutions they have suggested are ones that may, in the long run, save us considerable money.

It’s always a hurdle to change horses in midstream but I feel we have made the right decision.

On the 5th floor of the Old Bailey my fellow jurors – now ‘waiting jurors’ and not yet again ‘serving jurors’ – congregated to await further instructions. The majority of us sitting close together, nothing could break the bond that we had created – a bond that, by the looks of things, was not shared among other ex-juries. Indeed, following the delivery of the verdict yesterday, the judge had given particular mention to our attentiveness and detail towards the case, stating that it was exemplary.

Given this incredible focus we shared and the inherent drama of the court room it is perhaps no surprise that relationships formed as quickly as they do within a group of actors in a rehearsal room. In fact the process from being thrown into a room with a group of strangers one day to laughing and philosophising with them a few days later is remarkably similar. I did feel at one point that an ice-breaker game should have been compulsory for all. In fact, after discussions with one fellow juror last Friday, I did bring a ball in on the Monday. Suffice to say that by the end of the Monday, we were all closer and we knew each other’s names!

Guys, I’ll miss you – though with some it’s the start of something new.

Here’s to keeping in touch.

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