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I've been abroad for a couple of weeks, during which time the site has changed radically.  As you probably know, both theatre spaces now have a roof, which makes it much easier to imagine what they will feel like after completion.  The roof won't keep the rain out for a few more weeks, but it does allow the sunshine in.  Both theatres have large skylights above them which will allow anybody working in the building to avoid the zombie look during tech week and daytime rehearsals.  It's also great for sustainability, as the sunlight on days like today will help us to keep the electricity and heating bill down.  

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Hi Charlie. The juxtapositioning of your text and the photo make it look like you're the one carting the roofing timber. We at Park Theatre know that's not the case - but if you want me to rewrite your job description that wouldn't be a problem! Lol!

By Jez Bond | Fri 27 Jul 2012

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