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It's been a week of anniversary blog posts: two years of Transmission and of course a year of Charlie Ward.  Which made me realise that it's also two years since N4 Stories kicked off in the chilly school hall of Pooles Park Primary, where Melli and I, aided by Nouska, assembled a team of brave (if baffled) actors and exhorted them to go forth and find stories. 

And find stories they did.  And the stories were shared in workshops.  And the workshops generated scenes.  And the scenes inspired ideas.  And the ideas led me to the play that I'm currently polishing for performance at Park Theatre sometime very soon.

It's been an endlessly surprising journey so far - one that took me and the team into churches, youth centres, mosques, pubs, hospices, community groups and homes in the N4 area - and even flew me to Turkey.  And it's not over yet.  The next step is what it's all about: seeing the characters, inspired by real-life N4 people, come to life in the bodies and voices of a cracking cast.  We don't know who they'll be yet, but I think by now we know the kind of quality that Park already attracts ... so expectations are high.

In the meantime, a quick thank you to all the amazing actors who contributed to the N4 Stories project; to Melli, Jez and Nouska; to Pooles Park who gave us our first home; to the Turkish Culture and Tourism Office; and of course to all the people of Finsbury Park who shared their tragic, comic and astonishing stories with us.


   Actor Andrew Dennis tells an N4 Story in a March 2011 workshop

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