by Jez Bond

Further to Charlie's comments yesterday, I must protest. I do not, as my cheeky assistant pointed out, favour shows that run without an interval. It depends entirley on the circumstance. So here are some thoughts on intervals:

- If a production has a running time of more than 95 minutes, it should have an interval

- If a production has a running time of less than 80 minutes, it should not have an interval

- If a production is of a traditional three act play, it should generally be split into two halves and retain one, not two, intervals

- The first half of a production should not exceed 85 minutes prior to the interval

- The interval should be long enough for a toilet break and a drink at the bar, but not so long as to drag out the evening

- There should be clear front of house calls to alert people to the arrival of the end of an interval

- All rules above are to be broken

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