by Melli Bond

My week's round up big and small it covers all. After last Tuesday I had another bridesmaid dress fitting. Like the theatre it's starting to take shape and you can see how lovely it's going to be. Having something tailor made for you is such a wonderful experiece. It really gives you so much confidence because they design it to your particular look and shape. You don't have that horrible "if only I could squeeze into this, or if only I was a bit taller" moment. I've also had dance rehearsal and a dance show at the weekend. I was very pleased to get back on my feet. We had a great performance and avoided the rain - which being on an outdoor stage was great appreciated. I had Transmission - my weekly workshop for actor's writers and directors. Monday eve we discussed gender as a broad issue- a passionate topic for many in the group. We did some fun improv scene work and lots of great chatting too. I did a bit of ranting about one of my peeves as an actress which is programming and roles for women in theatre. With all my ideas aired I went home more determined in my mindset and happy to have shared with our lovely group. Week ahead looking pretty slammed. Gonna make sure to have lots of vitamins. And yes am still on the Mega Reds. I'm also doing the vitamin C thing too. And as always there is Park Theatre Dog Hazel to keep me in balance.

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