by Jez Bond

My introduction to working as part of The Park Theatre team was a three hour meeting with the architect and various other members of the design team…and I have to confess, most of it went over my head!

However, it was fascinating to hear everyone’s opinion on each and every detail of the build, as they all brought expertise from different areas to the table. It provided a real insight into the the complexity of every decision as cost, philosophy, aesthetic and artistic vision were weighed up against each other in order to reach a compromise.

We left there (me with head slightly spinning) and headed over for my first visit to the site to meet the insurance broker and surveyor. Suddenly being in the shell of the theatre – and not just looking at a very complicated drawing of it – things slowly began to fall into place. Helped by Jez’s guided tour I became to able to visualize the bar, the dressing rooms, the stage, and it all started to feel very real.

So now a few days in and I feel I am getting to grips with it all, names are starting to sink in, my inbox is filling up, and my to do list is getting longer… and it’s all very exciting!

Abi Curran, Assistant to the Artistic Director

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