by Jez Bond

It’s so ridiculously exciting that I can hardly believe it. The most part of me wants to shout it out to the world, proclaim it from the rooftops and send it to the press. A small part of me however is desperately trying to keep that other part quiet. With most good ideas there are always other people out there who have the same plan. However I think that in this case that may not be true (I am truly original dahling!) and I can’t risk letting the cat out of the bag. Why? Creativity is about sharing ideas, surely!? Well, I suppose it’s my business side at work. It’s not easy to open a new theatre but if we can truly say that we are changing perceptions of the stage, redefining the theatrical experience, doing something uniquely different, then I want to use that to help promote us – as the first theatre that does!

As such a short blog today. Been working on it all day. Spent five hours at the weekend on it too. Finsbury Park just wait – we’re going to give you theatre like never before!

Just finished a lovely Indian meal with the actors from Transmission after the final workshop this year. Melli found an abandoned dog on the street. We are taking him home!

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