by Jez Bond

A very useful day today and one that I hope will mark the start of great things to come. Our new assistants Nouska and Abi arrived at the house for an induction. We worked for a few hours, taking a little break at the local coffee shop mid afternoon, and gave what must have been a rather hectic run through of the project. We looked at the current work load and started to break tasks down into subheadings and decide who might be responsible for each. In terms of creating a master plan, we really just scratched the surface. I hope that Abi and Nouska at least have a basic but firm understanding of what we are doing – though I fear their heads will be somewhat spinning!

Next week Abi is coming to an important design team meeting with me at HJF in Southwark and then we’re taking a look at the site. Melli and Nouska are also meeting early in the week to see the area and begin work in earnest. Many thanks ladies, we’re both looking forward to working with you….

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