by Jez Bond

I got a personal response today from Stephen Fry. He wrote me a lovely email and explained that (as we half guessed) he was extremely oversubscribed with meetings, openings, functions, official roles on theatre, charities etc that he doesn’t feel that he would have the time to commit to The Park Theatre. It’s an honest response that I truly appreciate. I did make it explicit in my email to him that we were looking for people to take an active role and not for any ‘names on a piece of paper’. Indeed a recent advice session with a fundraiser also concurred, suggesting that it was only worth attracting the massive names if they became active in the process.

I don’t see it as the end of our (brief) relationship with Mr Fry – I am sure that were it for a smaller commitment he might help us out further down the line (as he genuinely seemed to applaud the project). Now, however, we will move forward in attracting some other ambassadors. Lots on the list, locals and non-locals…

Watch this space!

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