by Jez Bond

This morning I had a very successful meeting with local MP Jeremy Corbyn. I proudly showed him the plans and 3D model shots before we toured the site. I was impressed that he wanted the meeting to take place at Clifton Terrace and not at his office. It indicated to me a real interest in what we are doing – rather than the superficial fulfillment of a duty.

Indeed he was extremely positive about the project and very enthused. Like many others he shares the view that Finsbury Park is crying out for a new cultural centre and it’s a pleasure to have him in support of our scheme.

I then paid a visit to Hughes Jones Farrell, who had just yesterday moved to a much larger office within the same building. Having heard Dave’s ambitions for the company through the next five years (over post theatre dinner last night), it was great to see them in their new space – certainly moving up in the world!

We discussed the studio in more detail. There’s a whole blog for Monday there so I’ll keep it brief as once more the midnight hour approaches. Suffice to say that Dave is working on a 3D re-model and I am working on a white card scale model.

More on this and a new musical theatre connection next week…..

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