by Jez Bond

More CDs of musicals through the door (not more CD’s as EVERYONE SEEMS TO BE SAYING LATELY – sorry, little outburst from the grammar police!) More scripts too… so a heap of things to be read and heard. Earlier I had tea with Celia and she also passed me a script – she’s soon to be in a show at the Finborough,  I’m looking forward to that.

And so to prioritise the various scripts I need to read. Generally I decide on the basis of which script comes in first. The only ones that break the rule are usually redrafts of scripts I am developing – which I try to read straight away. That reminds me that any day (possibly minute) now I am due the next draft from Leon Parris. Very exciting – we’ve come along way with the cheeky comedy musical about two nerds inventing a perfume to attract women. Hehehe can’t wait to share it all with you, folks!

Now I’m at a rather dangerous stage where it seems I do have a little time to catch up with some reading. Dangerous because it just doesn’t seem right. Something far too convenient about that. Well let’s see what happens this week and what I can tackle…

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