by Jez Bond

A meeting with Maurice and Ellis (owners of the London Fashion Centre) this morning proved fruitful. They are extremely helpful and very supportive of the project. We discussed the programme of work, the party wall awards (they are our neighbour at the back) and, due to their fantastic energy and enthusiasm, some other interesting ideas they had.

I then met on site with Dave’s colleague Martin who will begin work on the detailed internal design of the building in January and had a wonderful vision for how the atrium space, with surrounding corridors and stairwells, will work.

After a hearty lunch at the Menier Chocolate Factory it was back to HJF to re-examine the rehearsal room options (yes a few more have now presented themselves, more on this anon). Dave and I then updated all the areas on the room data sheets and I rushed over to DSA to sit down with Bernard and mark up the plans with the electrical information (plugs, lights, switches, power to door mechanisms and any additional power to each room). Loads of detail.

Frustratingly I had spent days and days painstakingly working it all out before and yet, as this was so long ago, I have forgotten the logic behind a number of these decisions. Why did I say push button release on that door? Well I must be right, I spent ages working it out! Sadly I’m such a control freak that I don’t even trust myself. Unless I understand something there and then it’s not good enough. I fear, therefore, that I will need to go through this again before final sign off. Well, as they say in the big apple, it’s my ass on the line if there’s a mistake! And as The Big Apple says ‘Hey!’ [in joke!]

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