by Jez Bond

Day 3 for ‘Company’ rehearsals and all is going well. I had spoken to Joe on Monday about a few important adjustments to the set design and band location (which are, in part, linked) and we have come up with a some good changes which were all but 100% confirmed today. We worked on characters this afternoon, focussing on Bobby’s relationships with the three girlfriends that he is seen with during the course of the play. We also looked at two of the married couple who are his friends and began to examine their relationship to each other as well as to Bobby. We were rehearsing, at this stage just sitting and chatting, in a small upstairs room while, down below in the main space, Oli the musical director rehearsed through the musical numbers. Can’t call them songs dahling – it’s Sondheim not Mamma Mia! (No offence an ex-mamma is in our cast!)

As for The Park…. had some crazy emails from a local guy who seemed to think we were called The Stahl theatre, had a great meeting with Melli to plan and prioritise our to-do list and liaised with Dave who sent the banner to print… (well, and a few more things!)

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