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Park will be a technologically innovative theatre. I am not one of the most technologically savvy people on the planet. I’m excited by I.T prospects and innovation but I don’t really understand these things well, and I do like my notebook and pen. And, I take my time joining 21st century developments.

I also own a PC. This is almost an unforgivable sin at Park.  I feel I’m an important representative of a sector of society that, within our equality policies,  Park does recognise and value. Having said that, my old PC has been fondly (that may be pushing it) nicknamed Maureen – the old lady that does the vacuuming,   because of the whirring sound the fan on the old dear makes. She likes to have her presence at Park meetings known, and handily seems to stop working when it is time for me to have a break. Whether I want one or not.

My laptop is indispensable because of the documents it holds and being able to travel around with a computer  is a huge bonus when we don’t have a proper office to work from.  Maureen does her  job, if a little slowly and temperamentally at times. Whilst I don’t want to detract from her hard work and input I know she’s waiting for her time to go to that good place in the I.T. sky. And, we’d all probably be happier.

I like Macs, I feel no contempt  towards them as Mac users seem to feel about PCs -  Mac users LOVE their Macs. Whilst I like my individuality and role representing the other side of the computer community, if I got one, I would love it too no doubt.  I do know how they work and hear all the arguments about them being more efficient, slicker and sexier. And, from an organisation viewpoint, it is useful to all be working with the same systems , document software and programs. I would like to be part of the Mac family (see my last blog for notes on families).

So, I propose, that once the funds have been raised for the education floor, the salaries and the long list of high priorities that need  money in order for this theatre to open and run, then, there might be a time for a ‘Put Maureen to Rest: Get a Mac for Amy’  (PM2R:GM4A) funding initiative…Unless, of course, I find that grand stuffed under my mattress.

How much better would a Mac look here?

Contact me at [email protected] if you have any thoughts on this subject, or a Mac to give away...


Then Maureen can happily retire to here

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