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I haven’t managed to write a regular Monday blog for a while. This was partly because I’d been finishing a course and also because Maureen had to go to intensive care. (Check blog dated 25th June 2012 for reference and backstory).

This was a sad and serious time, not least because it happened the night before a very busy week for me, her and Park. There were lots of tours to coordinate and confirm with people who had already been patiently waiting, and we had our ‘Take to the Streets’ campaign to organise for that weekend.   It turned out that working on a Sunday was too much for Maureen...Perhaps she had a religious streak I didn't know about.

I am gutted.  My laptop has a lot of my life on and although, of course, I'd backed up fairly recently but at the pace Park and I are moving it felt like it would take a week or two to catch up on the week I’d just caught up on. I’m just glad so much is on email and I appreciate the internet more than ever.  In the end it was almost 3 weeks that I didn’t have my own fully functioning computer-  hard to imagine for many and quite weird when I rely on it so much. 

After intensive care, some R&R  but then another fatal blow Maureen has now gone to her place in IT sky.  It’s time for me and everyone else at Park to move on….Although I think everyone else is just relieved! Change and development is what we’re about.

Happily, I have now got a new, shiny, super-fast Mac that needs a suitably representative name. Any ideas?

The back log and disruption will take time to sort out. Your emails will be responded too as soon as is humanly and Mac-ly possible. Thank you for your patience.

Farewell Maureen, you served me well...Kind of.

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Poor Maureen - we will always remember the sound of hoovering every time Amy turned her on. Thankfully the new Mac is much quieter - though perhaps there was something to be said for Maureen's bold and unashamed attitude to life!

By Jez Bond | Thu 23 Aug 2012

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