by Melli Bond

So this time next week I'll be packing for NYC. I've been focusing so much on my day to day work that I realised time is running out to plan for the big apple. Things work a bit differently in New York and I'm pleased (as an American British woman) to have brought over a little slice of North America that is currently available for all you Londoners. That slice of Americana is Transmission - which I have co-founded with actress Ursula Campbell - also North American (Canadian to be  more specific). Transmission is a workshop for professional London actors to drop in and just play! We've been running for over a year now and we've had some really wonderful people out as workshop leaders and participants. The range of styles and technique is vast - the idea being we need to be flexible as actors in order to work with all kinds of people. I like the fact that although the theatre isn't up and running yet I am actively involved in meeting all kinds of local talent and practitioners ready to try something new - take a risk - and just remember this is fun! Yes hard work can be fun too.


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