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In the glowing aftermath of our successful Gala a couple of weeks ago there’s been no pause or break from the momentum driving us closer to the opening.

Whilst celebrating the generosity of all our supporters in reaching the target needed to complete building the Education Floor there is still plenty to do, move on with and yes, still more fundraising.  Check out our updated website for more information:

The big news of the day, to push this on further, is that we’ve launched a new Facebook Page. You may already know us on Facebook from the Park Theatre Group but we will now be closing this down so in order to stay with us you need migrate to our Page.

To follow the page, please follow this link and press 'Like'!

Do take a look and spread the word…

And, if like me you were unable to be at the Gala, on our Facebook Page you can watch a lovely video of the night. It gives you a taste of what Park Theatre and all its supporters can do.

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