by Jez Bond

We've had so many discussions about the lighting for the education-studio-cum-rehearsal-room on second floor level. The difficulty is that we want it to be both a rehearsal space (for rehearsals, workshops and classes) and a performance space (for readings and rehearsed readings). I want to keep any lighting, tracks and other gubbins off the ceiling - as I'm concerned about ceiling height: not that it's uber-tight but it's not vast either and I always want to maximise height in a creative space such as this.


One solution, which may or may not work, is to use stage lights - firing them up at the ceiling, where enough light will bounce off and illuminate the room with a general wash for day-to-day use and then angling them more specifically for the more "performancey" situations. I'm sitting here on site waiting for darkness to fall so that I can test with theory with a few fresnels that Simon from Northern Light dropped off this morning. Let's hope it works... although if not another test will be conducted tomorrow with a fitting that Charlie is collecting from London Bridge.....

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