by Jez Bond

I’m working from home today and it makes a nice chance to travelling in to site. Whilst I constantly email, call, type, text and whatnot on the move, the journey still takes its toll. So, with summer finally (and, so they say, temporarily) here, the back doors are open, the dogs are lying on the deck (plural as Hazel has a friend visiting for a week) and Melli and I are sitting at the kitchen table beavering away. Although, come to think of it, the heat is quite draining “beavering” feels a little too quick to describe today’s pace. How do they cope in places like the south of Italy? Oh yeah they don’t, they run on different time -that’s not rude it’s fact based on experience; don’t expect anything in Reggio Calabria to happen in a hurry. How about the USA or the Dubai? Well, they have air-conditioning as standard. Yes it seems that in the UK we’re often stuck for a few scorching weeks of the year struggling to keep to the normal pace amidst the draining nature of air sans conditioning. Makes me glad, on days like this, that we’re putting in an expensive air conditioning system in both theatres!

On another note, the ever ambitious Charlie Ward (my assistant extraordinaire) has pitched us an absolutely exhausting idea - that he runs a marathon in aid of Park Theatre. Sorry, did I say A marathon....? I meant five. I kid you not - watch this space for more info.

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