by Jez Bond

'm starting to feel the inevitable slow down of productivity from certain quarters as Christmas sets in. It's the usual combination of a rush of last minute requests and, in certain cases, a 'winding down for the holidays' mentality.

However at ground control, despite illness, the force is still strong amongst the Park Jedi. Annabel was a real (storm)trooper earlier as, dosed up with drugs but coughing none the less, she braved a one hour Skype meeting. I'm not quite sure where this random Star Wars theme has come from - I'm not even a major fan of the films. Perhaps I've been subjected to subliminal Christmas advertising and there's a special deal on the box set at HMV.

Anyway, just heading home after production number 25 (ish) of Hamlet. This time in a crypt! Engaging but I have a major issue with all these 'site specific' / 'promenade' shows - chiefly that the sight-lines are awful and a complete lottery. You can end up missing entire scenes - and that's coming from me at 6ft 3"!

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