by Melli Bond

The credits for evening's show gave us many reasons to attend - familiar director, producer, actor and venue; and whilst some might think we would be biased in terms of expectation and enjoyment I can assure you I am very open equally to take each show on its own merit.

And so tonight we saw 'Execution of Justice' at the Southwark playhouse. A well done piece of theatre - Joss Bennathan directed this large cast and gave, essentially a court room drama a very punchy and well paced delivery. I'm pleased to say I wasn't put off by the accents - as often happens to me seeing American plays here in London. A pet peeve really as I don't understand why Americans aren't cast more often? They live here, work here and are good. So thankfully this production has American actors as well as Brits with good ears!

An enjoyable evening though an upsetting story - that's a good night at the theatre. Make me cry, make me think make me laugh; whatever it is please make me do something, that's why we go isn't it folks? That's why you'll come to the Park - that's certain.

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