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The funding application I'm working on at the moment is an interesting one, because the foundation I'm applying to sees every grant as an investment.  Although the principals are largely the same, it has encouraged me to see the project in business terms (no flip-board jokes please) and this has actually helped to clarify my thinking on the project as a whole.  Because we have no access to public money, Jez and Dave have had to be incredibly efficient in the the design and construction of the building.  It's a project that has called for a certain amount of ingenuity (building and selling the flats, for example) but also an ability to adapt to new circumstances.  Park Theatre has only appeared from dust because of the love and dedication of Jez, Melli, Dave and the team, and I think that discipline will stand the theatre in good stead as we move towards executing what I now refer to as the long term strategic vision...

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