by Melli Bond

My eyes want to close but I have to keep them open. Another eye knackering day at my desk has means I take little breaks looking into the horizon so my eyes get a rest. I try not to let my mind wander as I take these breaks. Keeping focused on nothing or emptiness is my aim so I have an eye and mind refresher for a few seconds. The mind and eye duo is strong in me though - and as my mind wanders it brings up some wonderful visualisations. Being creative is the most interesting part of what I do in life - I don't know if that's for everyone but it certainly is the most exciting thing in the world to me - being creative. I think about the future of the theatre - and all the new friendships and relationships that come with it. All the shows and drinks, all the parties and tears. Future Memories - that's what Jez and I like to call it. You remember something from your future. It's one of our favourite games. I really urge you to try it!  Go one - pick your favourite memory from the future and tell it to me. Post them on Facebook or twitter and let's see who wins the prize of best look into the horizon- why not? It's just for fun... or is it?

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