by Brackets Digital

Jez and I were at the theatre last night, seeing a very good revival of Someone Who'll Watch Over Me.  It's an unusual play because it has a very long first half (about an hour and twenty minutes).  Jez likes short productions that run through without an interval, whereas I am blessed with the bladder of a five year old girl and the thirst of a sailor.  Imagine my horror when I heard that Einstein on the Beach, playing at the Barbican this week, lasts six hours with no interval.  It's the theatrical equivalent of a hosepipe ban, and I was worried that this flower might wither.  Luckily I'm told they're operating an 'open door' policy where the audience can come and go, but I wonder whether this relief will come at the expense of my engagement with the work.  How will I know when to nip out?

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