by Jez Bond

After meeting a fundraiser this morning, we headed to the offices of our dream facilitators ‘Hughes Jones Farrell’. Dave and his team presented a fantastic 45 minutes on the interior design of the building. We looked at everything from floor and wall surfaces to furnishings, trying to determine an agreed ‘theme’ that we could adhere to moving forward. As Dave explained, one can easily continue and choose a light fitting in six months that looks great, a bar counter in a eight months that is beautiful and meanwhile the contractors have laid down a floor that we wowed over – but when you look at it all together – unless we had stuck to this overriding theme – it could be a complete a mess. So very positive, loads of great images too – and I will be sure to post some up soon…. or will I surprise people?…. hmmmm……. well maybe we’ll send one out with our next newsletter!

Talking of that, I just got a lovely email from a local resident who came on one of the tours last week and took some great photos (thanks Julian!) I have asked him to send me some full resolution versions so that I can also post some – probably in the upcoming newsletter.

So what of this upcoming newsletter? Well we should do one when we start the main works in a few weeks time (yes I know it’s always ‘a few weeks’ but it really is getting closer now!)

A great day…. and loads of action packed days ahead all focussed on moving ahead quickly now. Yeah!

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