by Melli Bond

Am feeling inspired. My dance teacher Shanie always said "don't be tired be inspired" and I think his daily mantra has stayed with me. I've had a very long few months behind me working on putting together the Gala, proposals, building a company, making decisions with Jez about the build, all sorts of stuff that sounds fun but put together can also be very tiring. Sure it can be tiring but the thrill of securing our Education Floor - thanks to incredible kindness and generosity of so many people just keeps me going. 

I'm also in a wonderful position where I am continually being surprised in life and get those rare moments of meeting fantastic people who inspire me too. Now I know why Americans always say in their Oscar speeches or Grammy speeches that they feel "blessed". It isn't really because they are particularly religious - thought I don't doubt that they might be - but I suspect they feel somehow things are just too amazing for their own comprehension. What a wonderful feeling - to be utterly blown away by something. Take this feeling and carry it with you, I do.

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