by Jez Bond

On my way to The Bush to see ‘Aliens’ with Dave Hughes: as in Dave is accompanying me, rather than appearing on stage.

Having said that, our lead architect is becoming increasingly keen on the spotlight. “The criticism of architects” he told me last week “is that they have never been on stage themselves.” As such Dave is planning to tread the boards and walk into our Park Theatre spotlight to address the audience on our gala night. I would say that I’d be there in the wings ready to push him on, but something tells me he won’t need it!

We’ve heard from the council that they may be reaching their decision on our application as soon as next week. I can almost hear the gentle creaking of metal as the bulbs warm up in the grid. Ladies and gentlemen….. your host for this evening…. Daaaaave Huuuuuughes…!

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