by Jez Bond

All this week I am rewiring my friend’s house – removing the old consumer unit, adding some outdoor lighting circuits, some additional sockets to the ring main, some three way switching etc.

Getting into the main attic space would be tricky for even a ten year old gymnast and it is taking it’s toll. When you are working with wiring and in confined spaces it’s surprising how long it takes to just to determine what was done (often badly) the previous time round. It’s vital to do so because if you want to re-use any of the circuit (which we have in sections – it’s older colouring but excellent condition cable) you need to understand exactly what you are cutting into and if, on the other hand, you want to strip it out (generally good workmanship and saves a load of confusion) you need to know where it ends and where it begins.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, things are ticking away. We have a quote back for the substation which is huge and therefore not pleasant to discuss at this tired 2am stage!

So back aching, knees cracking, hands raw, lungs full of insulation (the attic’s not mine)… time to sleep.

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