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Last week we had another couple of Helpers Days. This is when people who have kindly said they will donate their time for any events or PR activities we arrange can come and get stuck in. It’s nice to be able to put faces to names as so much of our communication with people is via email at the moment, and it gets us in a room with some of the many enthusiastic people that we are in touch with. Who doesn’t like sitting and having a natter about theatre, London and life?

At the moment we’re very much focused on fundraising (we still need to secure the education floor) and PR -  getting the word out to as many people as we can that there is a new theatre coming to town. We’re doing well but when you think about how many people live or work in even a 1 mile radius of the theatre there are still more people we can be known too. This is why the Helper’s Days are so fundamental.

Last Wednesday a small group of us took over the back room of a local pub and set up (a very slick) production line making up our development packs.  I think we may have beaten our last morning of this activity on a person: stuffing ratio. 8 people stuffed 1200 packs in under 2 hours. So that’s our record to break for next time.

The following day we were fortunate enough to have another dedicated team for a local walkabout  -  taking these development packs out to people and talking to local businesses. It’s so important to us to get the word out and to have a personal interaction with people.  We just wouldn’t be able to do this without our Helpers. We hope it also gives people involved a sense of ownership. It’s our theatre in a collective, community sense and we want people to feel they have a stake in its success.

If you’d like to help just email [email protected] and we can let you know about any other events we need some extra hands for.

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