by Melli Bond

Luckily I took a typing class when I was in high school. I also spent time working at a high profile bank when I was 17. I hated that - but let's not get into that now. Anyway,  I'm pretty fast at my typing which is very useful as I'm the secretary for our Board meetings. Furiously typing conversation so that I don't lose the thread when decisions are made, my only way of keeping up is to record the lot! I also used to read insanely fast. At university I spent one day reading 2 novels and wrote papers on them both Lady Audley's Secret and Sense and Sensibility. They are still two of my favourite pieces of literature today - well those and Crime and Punishment- oh and I can't forget Kurt Vonnegut - all works...hmm actually have too many favourites to name.  Anyway, I want to get my reading head back on - which I reckon at a guess I'm only using about 10% of my ability. So here is my new resolution folks - reading game head begins now. If the pressure of building a theatre isn't enough I'm trying to up my game. Tweet me if you have tips and advice I am @mellibond.

Oh and just going back to the bank story for a second the main reason I hated it was the serious lack of fashion in the work place. Ah yes it's great to be a grown up and wear exactly what I like - every day of the week.

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