by Jez Bond

After preparing a refined design brief for our logo, I attended to a much neglected task – that of budgeting and admin for N4 Stories.

I completed the major part of this before we left for the theatre this evening. I now have a list of actors who speak Somali and Turkish, which may be useful for approaching some of the local migrant communities. I have also produced a first draft of a budget, with appropriate fees for script development and workshops.

We will soon be in a position to seek funding for the project.

Melli and I then ventured down to Kingston (our old stomping ground) to see a production of ‘Hayfever’ at The Rose. Our friend Sophie was assisting on the show and kindly organised some tickets for this the second preview.

Celia Imrie stole the show with the wittiest one liners and, at one point, an inspired comic leap onto the sofa. But it has to be said the entire cast were strong and all did a great job bringing Coward’s take on a bohemian family and bad manners to light.

Sitting in the middle of the third row of the circle, however, I felt the fantastic set swallowed up by the concrete pillars, steel and sheer expanse of the fabric of the building – and I felt a lack of connection between the auditorium and the stage.

The fact that I enjoyed the production despite these surroundings is testament to the quality of all those involved.

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