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‘Have faith’ my beloved Great Uncle Tony used to say to me. It was his favourite phrase and has since become mine. It was a useful phrase to remember as a performer when a contract came to an end and I’d be waiting for the next one. The times in between shows would feel like infinity... and keeping the faith was always a challenge, but I did somehow and my faith would be rewarded - the jobs did always come and they were always worth the wait.

The Park Theatre journey is all about having faith and vision and the ability to make the things which begin life in the realms of our imaginations, a reality. A lot like putting on a show...only the show of a lifetime, eight years in the making. It all starts with faith in an idea, a concept or a dream.

A friend of mine who is a Broadway Producer also reminded me of the necessity of having faith in this business, ‘So much about working in the theatre is about the future and its promise’...’stay at it’ he said.

And stay at it I will...for the future and its promise.

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