by Jez Bond

Argh! I hate to cancel meetings. Was due for a meet at the M & E engineers this morning, followed by a meeting at HJF. Last time there was a tube strike I walked in. However today I am recovering from a horrible weekend of sinusitis. I’ve had it once before and it’s really not pleasant. When people say their head feels like it’s in a vice… yep, I get that. I blatantly developed this because I pretended I wasn’t ill for the last two weeks and my body had enough. I have therefore been a (relatively) good boy for the past few days. Okay well today’s the only exception. I’ve been working but I have ensured an almost vertical posture at all times (I’m sure that counts as being in bed). Feeling loads better thanks to a concoction of antibiotics and other medicines! Tomorrow we’re supposed to be heading back to the RSC… will report on that next time! For now it’s feet up and more hot drinks….

well… and a few more emails

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