by Melli Bond

I  don't know if you can say "Happy" Yom Kippur but I would like to extend an acknowledgement to all who celebrate this lovely holiday and tradition. I was speaking to one of my best friends who told me it's about atonement and how Yom Kippur comes after the Jewish New Year. It sounds to me the perfect time to reflect on one's life and way forward just after celebrating a new year. Starting fresh and reflecting on your life I think is hugely important for anyone of any faith. So for all of you recognising Yom Kippur whether it is your faith or not I wish you all a very serene and positive week - whether you are fasting, praying, cutting down on coffee or just relaxing with people who mean the world to you. I'll be reflecting on  our journey thus far and how we can always strive for the best with everything we do and keep an open mind and open heart.

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