by Melli Bond

It's a new year and we want it to be a happy one. I saw these instruments in the window the other day and it made me really happy - thinking about them being played by people I love. My family is a little bit musical and so I've always been a huge fan of live music and musicians. I really like listening to people sing or play when they really feel it - when it's personal it's pretty amazing. I'm hoping that we will have some musicians in our bar from time to time - just playing out of the blue. I'm also of course looking at proper one off nights too - which will be really cool. I'd like to think that we can have a happy bar for people to enjoy. So maybe this time next year you'll be at Park on new years day - whether it's coming in to chase away the post new years eve blues or rejoicing in the chance to start a new year with new goals I'll try my best to make you all feel happy.

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