by Jez Bond

I had a really good title for this blog earlier but so much has happened today my head is spinning and I have forgotten what it was! Jordan and I looked at contracts this morning and agreed that a JCT Construction Management process is the best way for our project. It does rely on a client / client representative that has a firm understanding of building. Jordan is confident that’s me – plus “you’re no mug” he said!

In the late afternoon I met with Vinod the owner of number 10 Clifton Terrace (our direct neighbour) and – it transpired – of number 6-9. Both properties have consent for flats and, according to him, the building beside that will also be developed into residential units. Is there no end to the development in the area! Great news!

Vinod did also have some interesting thoughts that, at this now late stage in the process, sent my head spinning. Suffice to say that he is very interested in selling or leasing us a portion of his building.

Just on our way home now from seeing our friend in the musical We Will Rock You at the Dominion theatre! Ah these high brow pleasures. Note to Dave: do write a blog about this, it will amuse me so!

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