by Melli Bond

This weather's not helping with the wellbeing of all on site. Yesterday the contractors working on the external cladding had to stop work early - despite soldiering on through the rain, the bonding material they were applying to the walls became useless. Even deep inside the building workers are suffering from wet and damp conditions - as, not having a roof to the rear building, water seems to penetrate every level. Once it stops raining upstairs, it starts to drip downstairs. It will be a very different story once the roof goes on. One can sense the frustration of the project manager at not being able to accelerate the work due to weather conditions. The programme is still running at a decent pace and morale continues to be high. We have an exceptional chirpy team of contractors and subcontractors on site - at the right time of day (usually soon after feeding) one can even spot a performing plumber.

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