GO GO GO...!

by Jez Bond

A busy day today (how many times do i say that). Correction. A quiet day today, nothing to do. No, that’s not right either! Let’s start again:

With Abi ill (she turned up at RADA yesterday to check out the tension wire grid looking rather peaky – lucky she wasn’t scared of heights!) the pressure is on. It feels like, to start the main build by January (still planning to do some preparation and early work in Nov/Dec), we have to shift up a gear. Particularly as I know that in a few weeks the customary Christmas spirit will kick in – and i don’t mean mulled wine and early Christmas cards, I mean the general slowing down of productivity from a lot of companies who with the mere whiff of a mince pie adopt an attitude of “we’ll pick that back up next year”.

That just ain’t going to cut it with me and the team (HJF Architects have previously been called 24/7 architects for a reason) so, while it’s still October, come on let’s go go go.    

N4 stories is full steam ahead – poor Nouska, in Liverpool on a supposed break, has been inundated with emails which she has been passing Melli’s way.

I am currently on the tube returning from a reading at The Actors Temple…

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