by Jez Bond

I visited Shakespeare’s Globe this afternoon and had a great meeting with Artistic Director Dominic Dromgoole, who was extremely friendly and supportive about Park Theatre. He lives very close to the area and on his return from the states at the end of November is going to come and take a look around the site and find out more about what we’re doing…

Meanwhile back in the office, we’d come to realise that hand painted info on the hoarding is going to be very tough in order to achieve the right look. So Simon from Feast has come up with a good solution where we use a mixture of hand-made stencils and printed panels. You will be seeing the fruits of our labour in the next two weeks.

So tired after yet another show this evening and in need of a getaway. Seeing as I’m unable to switch off for more than five minutes how about a sponsored holiday for Park Theatre? Basically I go on holiday and all my friends and colleagues chip in a twenty quid towards it. Yeah, sounds good for me – but I don’t really think it’s going to work! Damn….

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