by Jez Bond

I thought long and hard about whether or not to write my blog over the last few days – whether to blog from deepest darkest Wales or whether to stick strictly to blogging about the theatre and report on the goings on back in London. However it was whilst stoking the wood burning stove in our geodesic dome that I made the decision to sit back and enjoy the holiday – my one break this year.

As such there will be a small gap in the diary calendar – and whilst in one way frustrating for my order obsessed mind, it is a true representation of a mini break in my journey.

Based beautifully miles away from any signs of human life, our home was a geodesic dome complete with wood burning stove, outdoor BBQ, fire pit and outdoor kitchen with gas stoves and lanterns. Close to the Brecon Beacons we spent one day walking 3 hours into Hay, another hiking up Hay bluff and another canoeing down the river Wye. Blessed with the weather for the majority of the trip, the four of us – trustee Frances Carlisle and her partner were the other couple – enjoyed quite an adventure. Of course throughout we were accompanied by our trusty mastiff cross Hazel, whose rumble and bark ensured our continued safety from any strangers daring to approach.

Back home now and almost 40 emails to catch up with. The process of getting back on top of the workload begins…

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