by Jez Bond

It was 3am last night when I checked my emails, sent my tweets, posted yesterday’s blog and finally went to bed! The journey up in the car to Sheffield yesterday had taken nearly four and a half hours due to road works on the M1. Melli and I were so hectic with emails and phone calls – me driving, Melli with both our phones in her hands – that we laughed about how, quite seriously, we were too busy to call our assistants to let them know they had got the position. Four hours went by and with every three emails that we responded to another three just as urgent arrived. In the end once we arrived at Hugh Ross’ flat we sat down on the laptop and fired off a couple of emails and phone calls. Finally it was done. Then we properly said hello!

Hugh is staying in great digs  - the chief greatness lying in the fact that it’s a rented apartment rather than a room at someone’s house. This way one is able to enjoy a far higher level of privacy as well as – with the benefit of a spare room – the opportunity to invite people over to stay.

I’ve seen well in excess of twenty Hamlets and this subtle production was able to stand strong among them without any gimmick or over-conceptualisation. Hugh played the most real Polonius I had seen and John Simm a believable, tragic and comic Dane.

We had drinks last night with many of the cast including Tim Delap, Alex Plahos, Harry Lister Smith, Joe Mydell, Ben Lamb and Rod Smith who were all excellent. As many of the cast were North London based (some even lived in Finsbury Park) they were extremely enthusiastic about The Park Theatre.

Thanks to all for a great night – and I look forward to keeping in touch!

Like Claduis I felt swamped yesterday (with activities and tasks, emails and phone calls). “Give me some light!” And indeed light is on its way in the form of intern assistants for both Melli and me. Looking forward to them blogging soon and telling you all about the project in their fresh words…

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