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From one end of the theatrical spectrum to the other...

Matilda on Wednesday, Pichfork Disney on Saturday... Both shows were produced with greatness in mind, the latter by our wonderful board member Danielle Tarento. But While Matilda was unquestionably well done and hugely enjoyable, I seem to have developed a growing taste for what London’s smaller fringe venues have to offer. After years spent in West End shows, it seems an antidote is required and I certainly got my fix from the darker side on Saturday.

‘You know why the ghost train is so popular? Because there are no ghosts. Once you know that you can make a fortune.'

The bare warehouse interior of the Arcola was a perfect canvas for the cast to etch out Ridley’s twisted characters with disarming clarity. Chris New was brilliant as Presley, firing off dialogue with machine-gun precision and impact, leaving bullet-wounds on a startled audience.

The mesmeric performances and haunting soliloquies gave way to a sense of the ecclesiastical, reminding me just how much power live performance has to shape a building’s atmosphere.

Whilst Park Theatre’s physical construction is well under way, it'll be when its filled with the energy and magic of live performance every night that we'll know, we’ve truly opened.

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