by Jez Bond

I arose afresh to a warm Monday morning. Whilst I’ve been working 6.5 days a week somehow yesterday evening’s tranquil BBQ and beer in the garden enabled a rare weekend feeling in me. As such I arose with a ‘start to the week’ mentality, read a chapter of Celia’s autobiography, showered and headed out to my first meeting on site. On arrival I was struck by the sound of silence. Not a body was to be seen and, descending the building in its semi demolished state, I had a sudden feeling that I was on the set of a post apocalyptic drama (or, worse, in one for real). I opened the door to the site office and there sat Andre, who works for one of the main contractors ‘Forgewood’. “What happened? Where is everyone?” I said. Andre pointed his finger straight up in the air. The workforce were all on the top of the roof removing bag after bag of screed that had been broken up for disposal last week. Quite a relief I can tell you. It felt positively eerie turning up to a ghost town of a building. I hope I never have to experience a truly deserted site!

PS: I’ve just returned from Tranmission Workshop where Mike Samir did a fantastic session, focussing on Russian director Sergey Fedotov’s techniques on acting. Really refreshing to see such an energetic and unique approach. That’s the great thing about transmission – it’s different every week. It’s London only drop-in for actors – check it out!

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