by Brackets Digital

Next week, along with every other tinker and tailor, I'll be heading up to the land of fried food and rain.  Did you know that Scotland is the only country where the supermarkets have an entire aisle dedicated to batter?  You can't even buy a cheap joke. 

I've been scouring the Fringe programme, a bible of high expectations, leveraged on granny's car and silver spoon collection.  Producers, performers and directors have spent months bracing their fingers for the refreshing strain of  This is boot camp for the liver, where mental health is an oxymoron and the 't' in diet is hanging in the balance.  Let's just hope granny isn't too attached to her spoons.

It feels strange to go to Edinburgh without the pressure of a production, but I'm excited to see what's in and what's out - to trace the fashions from previous years and see where the zeitgeist has landed.  If you're involved in a show, please do get in touch! 

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