by Jez Bond

Amazing. What a wonderful feeling! On Friday I wrote, in the blog, about how I had just hosted a tour and meeting with The Garfield Weston Foundation - and how they asked for more information. I didn't write a long blog that night as I had to work on all that over the weekend - I had, as I put it, "bigger fish to fry". Well at one minute to midnight on Sunday night I emailed through the amended business plan, additional figures and supporting statements to the grants officer and at a little after four thirty today I received a phone call to say that we have been awardd £50,000 towards the education floor. Hard work paid off and my metaphorical fish got well and truly fried! We're getting closer and closer to our goal now - and with a fundraising party on site this evening I think we're going to hit the halfway mark of £200,000. Breath for a moment, take a second and then...... continue forward moving up another gear!

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