by Jez Bond

Ooh the world of social media. I used to be a  sociotechnophobe when it came to Twitter and Facebook (I know what that means, do you?) but over the past few months I have embraced it lovingly like a Hungarian eating a fine slice of Dobos Torta (ooh that’s making me hungry). Too many brackets here, on top of my usual favourite – the hyphen. Have I developed a style over the last few months of writing? Hmm… Possibly my style is like my artistic policy – broad and multifaceted…. Or possibly my style is like the thoughts in my head - multitasking all over the place. Or possibly I should just return to the thread of this blog. Oh yes, social media. Having actively engaged with the technology (never missed a blog yet!) I must remember to keep all aspects updated. Father, I have sinned. It has been at least a week since my last tweet… Just three hash tags and a retweet and all is absolved. I love my catholic upbringing. That’s all for today folks. Keep spreading the word.

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