by Jez Bond

How many people can fit in a double decker bus? We see the number written in there every time we travel but we can never remember it if someone asks us. Well, believe it or not, this is the reason I seemed like the new freak of Finsbury Park today! Doing research on the buses that pass outside of the Park Theatre and the number of people that travel within them, I had to figure out the number of people that fit in a double decker bus. But this information doesn’t seem to exist on the internet! So the easiest way was to go to the bus station at Finsbury Park and see… And that’s what happened. I saw people getting on to the W7 bus and so I ran, boarded the bus and asked the driver: “how many people can fit here?” The driver was a bit surprised replying: “what? Go to see the number.” The second surprise for him was that after I saw the number I didn’t even travel on his bus, simply saying “thank you! Bye!” and leaving from the front door. The driver was looking at me like he was scared, like I was completely insane. But this is not where my story ends. Having rushed to see the number written on the bus but at the same time trying not to be stuck inside I didn’t get the correct number so I had to go back to the stop and see the number again – on the next bus. But this time I was more wise. I stuck my face on the window trying to see the number inside. That way I didn’t scare the driver – only the passengers! So here I am, the new freaky girl in Finsbury Park! But these are the sacrifices every secret agent must make!

Written by Christina Misailidi… The Spy Who Loved You

[Assistant to the Artistic Director]

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