by Jez Bond

It’s my last day wearing glasses (or contact lenses) ever… if all goes well (until I’m much older and need reading glasses at any rate). Tomorrow I am having LASEK surgery – and Melli is having the same procedure next week. It’s a treat to ourselves pre-opening. We have been talking about it for years and finally decided to do it so that we’d have our ‘new eyes’ by the time we launched.

As such tonight’s theatre trip was the last for a little while. We went to see the Ugly Sisters’ collection of new short plays at the Southwark Playhouse. There were some very promising pieces and it was an enjoyable ‘last supper’ of theatre.

On site earlier plenty more meetings and a new potential lead concerning air conditioning contractors, so that might be great news.

Time to rest those weary eyes ready for the morning. Not sure how I’m going to write the blog tomorrow or Monday – but I’ll find a way!

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