by Jez Bond

It’s 1pm here, 6pm in London, and this evening we are returning home from Philadelphia to Heathrow. It’s an overnight flight that arrives early in the morning. Never pleasant but as I need to head to site tomorrow to sort out some things it’s a necessary evil. The weather here is glorious. It has been super hot the whole time – though, sitting inside on the laptop, I have hardly got to enjoy it. We hear that since we left the temperatures in the UK have dropped. Let’s hope we bring the sun back with us.

Finished my speech for the Theatres Trust Conference and working on my presentation for the North London Equity meeting this Saturday. Also the panto in the park is now cast. Still got an endless ‘to do’ list but very pleased that, at least, I managed to read five plays while out here. One more for the plane and one when I get back, then I’ll be okay for a while….

See you all across the pond!

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