by Jez Bond

“Buy me a meal, buy me a meal”, it was more of a statement than a question repeated by a man standing outside a Mc Donald’s. Quite different to “spare some change?’ that we have here in London.

I’ve arrived here in New York to a loud city with huge streets and even bigger buildings – and this statement has already made me realise just how different this city is. I’m impressed, though, to be in this vibrant, exuberant town where there is also a natural calm. I noticed this in in the kiddie park with my good friend’s little boy and this is carried throughout the streets even on this scorching hot day.

As I start my search to find “hot New York” talent I think this is the feeling I want in a play – something that speaks volumes on the outside but beneath has a quiet intrigue leaving me to yearn for more.

My meeting with Intar was very exciting- to see an enthusiastic artistic director who really seems to nurture his team of Latino Artists. Being latino this gave me a small sense of inclusion even though we’d only just started to talk about possible collaboration. I then had another great meeting with a local producer who works on shows that we would call fringe and here they technically call off off Broadway.

On to WME entertainment. I was warmly welcomed by Derek’s PA. An instant smile and connection gave me the sense that I had come to a friendly place. We had a lively chat and I’m really looking forward to reading new American plays!  My adventure is just beginning and I can barely believe I’m here – pondering which pulitzer play to read first and which show to see…. and I’m not finished my day yet!

[More from Melli and how her day continued tomorrow....]

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